Hoang Nghiem

Business & Project Development Manager

Prior to joining Gen X Energy, Hoang accumulated his experience through various roles and positions in the power industry of Vietnam. He served as a country representative of Hero Future Energies Asia Pte. Ltd. (HFE), Project Manager for Andritz Hydro (AH), and Deputy Project Director of PetroVietnam Construction JSC (PVC). Together, he has been involved actively in the screening, development, and completion of many projects with total capacity of 1400MW.


During his time as Project Developer and a country representative in Vietnam of Hero Future Energies Asia Pte. Ltd., Hoang focused on the development of utility solar and wind projects. His job included development activities for green-field projects in Southern Vietnam and the Central Highland. In addition, he was also in charge of technical and financial screening for M&A opportunities, together with engaging various local developers for potential joint development. Prior to that, he worked for Andritz Hydro through the construction of small to medium hydro projects in Northern Vietnam. In between his employment at Andritz Hydro and his previous employer, PVC, Hoang studied in the University of Melbourne to get a Master's degree in Energy Systems.


As a Deputy Project Director of PVC, Hoang oversaw all the project management, procurement, logistics, and negotiation related to foreign equipment suppliers for a coal-fired thermal power plant. His work resulted in the signing of the power island package, and the safe delivery of major equipment to the project site. He was also involved with ECA financing discussions and budget estimates in this role. Earlier, Hoang was a Project Management Officer for a short period of time in a state-owned oil & gas company in Vietnam.