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The Future of Sustainable Energy

At Gen X Energy, we look to acquire a controlling interest in advanced stage development and acquisition opportunities in the power sector. We look for partners and management teams that will align their success with those of the project. Projects we undertake must provide risk adjusted returns for our equity, meet the highest levels of ethical standards and be good projects for the markets they serve.



Our Competitive Advantage

Gen X Energy has extensive global experience in the acquisition, development, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and restructuring of power and energy infrastructure projects.  This experience includes:

Project Acquisition and Development

Hands-on acquisition and development experience on the front lines of projects in both emerging and developed markets, from initial concept to financial closing in over 21 countries covering Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.  The Gen X Energy team has a proven track record of closing deals.

Project Finance

Extensive experience structuring and closing the financing of complex deals across emerging and developed markets. Together, the Gen X Energy team has experience in securing private and multilateral funding of over $23 billion.

Market Relationships

Extensive contacts within the international energy industry, including construction contractors, equipment manufacturers, commercial banks and multilateral financing institutions.


Hands-on experience running competitive processes to secure and negotiate turnkey construction contracts and managing relationships with contractors from commencement of construction through commercial operations. 


Worldwide experience in operation and maintenance of projects in the power sector, resulting in the profitable, safe and reliable operation of projects while achieving top decile performance.  

Company Overview

Gen X Energy is an energy company focused on investing in sustainable energy projects in Asia. 


​Collectively, the management team has successfully developed, financed, constructed and operated energy and related infrastructure projects in 21 countries, representing over 27,500 MW globally, including over 8,500 MW in Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, India, China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and have closed non-recourse financings and corporate debt transactions worth over $23 billion.  



United States

3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201

Tel: +1.703.647.4170


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